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Taste the Rich History and Delightful Cuisine of Valkenburg: Shopping, Nature, and Culinary Arrangements at Hotel Kint

Welcome to the picturesque Valkenburg, where history, nature, and gastronomy come together. This charming town offers a range of opportunities for shopping, enjoying atmospheric streets, exploring nature, and tasting delicious Limburg cuisine. At Hotel Kint, you can soon enjoy special arrangements that allow you to experience everything Valkenburg has to offer. Read on and discover how you can explore the rich history and flavors of Valkenburg.

Shopping in Valkenburg

Valkenburg is a true shopping paradise with a unique array of boutiques, artisanal shops, and local art galleries. Stroll through the picturesque streets and be tempted by the beautiful shops filled with fashion, interior items, jewelry, and more. Whether you're looking for a unique gift or simply want to enjoy a relaxed shopping experience, Valkenburg has something for everyone. Want more information on where to find what? Check out our map here.

Natural Beauty and Exploration

The natural beauty surrounding Valkenburg is breathtaking. Take a walk or bike ride through the green hills, explore the caves of Valkenburg, or wander through the beautiful Geuldal. The possibilities for exploring nature are endless. Enjoy the fresh air, peaceful paths, and stunning views that Valkenburg has to offer. Need specific information about the area? Our staff is happy to assist. Click here.

Culinary Delights

Valkenburg is known for its delicious Limburg cuisine. Treat your taste buds to local specialties such as asparagus, sour meat, and regional dishes with game. The atmospheric restaurants and cozy cafes in Valkenburg offer a variety of culinary experiences. Don't forget to dine at Bistro Francis, serving traditional dishes with a modern twist, once it opens. Apart from the culinary treats at Bistro Francis, which will be available all day from October 1st, there are some other good options for breakfast and dinner:

  • Cup & Vino: Start your day at Cup & Vino and let yourself be welcomed by the hospitable atmosphere. Besides a good cup of coffee, they also serve delicious breakfast options to energize you for the rest of the day. They open at 9:00 AM, so make sure to reserve in advance.
  • America: Located in the heart of Valkenburg, America offers a warm ambiance for a relaxed breakfast. They open at 9:00 AM, so make sure to reserve in advance.
  • Bongerd: Step inside Bongerd and taste their delightful breakfast creations. With a varied menu and friendly staff, this place is an ideal start to your day in Valkenburg. They open at 9:00 AM, so make sure to reserve in advance.
  • Bongerd: Step inside Bongerd and savor the delicious breakfast creations. With a diverse menu and friendly staff, this place offers an ideal start to your day in Valkenburg. They open at 9:00 AM, so make sure to reserve in advance.
  • Valkenhof: Located in a picturesque setting, Valkenhof provides a breakfast experience with a view. Enjoy a tasty breakfast while admiring the beautiful surroundings of Valkenburg. They open at 8:00 AM, so make sure to reserve in advance.
  • Ambrozijn: This restaurant is situated in a beautiful church and offers a delightful menu for lunch and dinner. Step inside and experience the unique decor combined with culinary delights. We recommend making a reservation in advance.

At Hotel Kint, you can soon take advantage of special arrangements that introduce you to the rich history and delightful cuisine of Valkenburg. Book an arrangement where you can explore the historical landmarks of Valkenburg, such as the Castle Ruins and the Velvet Cave, followed by a gastronomic dinner at Bistro Francis. Alternatively, choose an arrangement that takes you on a culinary journey through Valkenburg and its surroundings, with tastings of local delicacies and wines.

Are you ready to experience Valkenburg in all its glory? Keep an eye on our website and social media for more information about upcoming arrangements at Hotel Kint. Discover the rich history, enjoy shopping, explore the beautiful nature, and take advantage of arrangements that have it all!