Relax and Enjoy Wellness at Hotel Kint


Relax and Enjoy Wellness at Hotel Kint

Relax and enjoy in Valkenburg while taking advantage of a range of wellness options the region has to offer.


Apart from the luxury spas, thermal baths, and relaxing massages in Valkenburg, there are also some special wellness offers you won't want to miss. Thermae 2000 in Valkenburg is a well-known wellness resort where you can enjoy various wellness facilities and relaxing treatments. Essential Movements, located in Valkenburg, offers different wellness and yoga options to balance your mind and body. Additionally, Navish in Maastricht is a wellness practice specialized in holistic treatments for total relaxation and well-being.

Hotel Kint and Bistro Francis are perfectly situated as a base for your wellness experience. The boutique hotel combines the charm of a centuries-old monastery with contemporary design, offering comfortable rooms for you to unwind. After a day of wellness activities, you can indulge in traditional French dishes with a modern twist at Bistro Francis.

At Hotel Kint and Bistro Francis, you can soon take advantage of special wellness packages, with various options to relax and enjoy. Treat yourself to a luxury spa treatment at Thermae 2000, followed by a delightful dinner at Bistro Francis. Or explore the holistic wellness options of Essential Movements and Navish, treating yourself to soothing treatments and activities.

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Escape the daily hustle and treat yourself to a well-deserved wellness experience in Valkenburg. Stay updated on our website and social media for more information about upcoming wellness packages at Hotel Kint and Bistro Francis. Let your mind and body fully relax while enjoying relaxation and delectable dishes in this enchanting setting.